Getting Great Waterfront Pictures

When we’re on the waterfront, we’re going to be getting a lot of the same poses as any other location, but the unique location can add a special ambience to the picture that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. You chose the waterfront to get that ambience, and it can lead to breathtaking pictures. Here’s how to make the most of the location!

If you’re on the pier, get a picture sitting with each other with your legs dangling from the pier. This is a peaceful, intimate shot you can share. To make the picture more intimate, you can hold hands in the picture, have one partner’s forehead cocooned below the other partner’s chin, etc.

Another pose for the pier is to have one partner laying in the lap of the other partner. Both partners reach towards each other for a kiss. The sitting partner lifts the lying partner’s back, accentuating the shape of the lying partner. The lying partner reaches their outside hand back, and brings up their outside knee. The sitting partner might bring their hand to the lying partner’s thigh. This is a really romantic picture for the pier, especially if the wind is blowing. It’s also the type of picture that can look good even from behind, especially if you’re quite clear with your movements. We’re adapting the dip for the waterfront!

Is there a bridge in the background? Position yourselves so you get a great shot with the water and the bridge. The bridge provides a great element of composition in the background. It’s generally also a dramatic background element when it has large arches that hold it up. Experiment with different ways you can put it in the background so you can get different looks with it.

Depending on the vibe and energy you want the picture to have, add motion and ocean elements to the picture. You could frame the picture so it has a lot of activity, like boats and factories, in the background or so that it’s quite tranquil. Maybe there are seagulls or geese in the water that would look good. If there’s a lighthouse or a well shaped tree bank, try to frame the picture with these elements for a better shot!

Notice the boat in the top right of the picture below, a subtle nautical element that adds motion to the picture.

Let the ocean vibes carry you into some breathtaking pictures! The smell of the ocean, the gentle ocean wind in your hair, the feel of the sand between your toes, your loved ones all out on the oceanfront celebrating the moment with you…Share the beach with each other intimately.
How do you feel about getting married at the beach? Let your emotions spill out! Let your excitement shine through!

Sunset pictures on the waterfront can be especially romantic!


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