Top 5 Posing Mistakes Every Bride Should Know (and How to Fix Them!)

Hey gorgeous bride-to-be! 🎉

Do you ever feel awkward in front of the camera?

No worries! I’ve got your back with 5 super easy tips to make your engagement pictures shine! 

Let’s dive in…


1. Smooth Moves: Say No to Sharp Angles!

Sharp angles will often ruin an otherwise graceful pose. Aim for elegance with your elbow angles—they’re game-changers! Sharp wrist angles don’t work at all, but elbow angles work when used artfully.



2. Stand Tall, Radiate Confidence! 💃

Bad posture will quickly deflate a picture! Posture is your secret weapon. Stand tall, pull those shoulders back, and puff that chest out a bit. Instant confidence boost! Just look at the difference between the first and the second pictures below—it’s magic!



3. Keep It Moving: Life in Your Poses!

Don’t freeze up! One of the biggest mistakes I see brides making is that they stop moving in front of the camera. Keep things lively with some slow motion—stroke your partner’s arm or chest, bring your hands slowly together, slide your foot up and down your partner’s leg, maybe run your fingers through their hair. Going in slowly for the kiss is pure gold for the camera! In the pictures below, notice how the bride strokes her groom’s arm in a way that transforms their expressions from posed and rigid to authentic and organic!

Running her hand slowly down his arm makes her expression blossom.


4. Go with the Flow: Embrace Imperfection!

Positivity is key. If a pose doesn’t click at first, no biggie! Laughter and a positive vibe can turn a moment into pure perfection. Check out the series below—lots of tries, lots of laughs, but oh-so-worth it!

Let yourself have fun with each pose… until it finally clicks!


5. Baby Steps to Posing Perfection! 🚀

Take it one step at a time. Trying to perfect everything at once might get a bit much. Pick one aspect of a pose, practice, and watch yourself shine in the mirror. Easy peasy!


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