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RELAX while technology just works for you.

Serve more clients & increase your sales by aligning your online platform, systems and automations with your business

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FREE Tech Transformation Assessment on Zoom (Value $497)

In this DONE-WITH-YOU no-cost 90-minute session, we’ll meet over Zoom to comb through your current systems and automations, review your vision and business goals, and address your technology challenges. Then we’ll map out how I will take this off your plate and implement this for you so you can
relax as you enjoy serving your clients and increasing your sales.

How it works

Simply sign up for the no-cost audit/transformational tech session using the form below and receive an email with instructions to schedule the call and prepare for the audit!

If you like what I share and want to have me implement what we map out together, we’ll set up another call to talk details and pricing.

On the call we’ll….

Understand your business goals and offers
Chart out your existing sales funnels
Navigate your current technology terrain
Discover your current technology challenges
Reveal any technology blind spots
Create your Tech Roadmap to
get technology to work for your business goals
so you can relax as you serve your clients and increase sales
You’ll likely be sharing your screen as we walk through your technology so we can craft an appropriate roadmap.
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I can help you with

Mapping and digitizing business processes

Implementing launches and sales funnels

Email Automations

Web Integrations

CRM/Email Management


Creating SOPs


Administrative Tasks

Video Editing


For spiritual and passionate female entrepreneurs
challenged by the world of technology

As a former IT project manager turned virtual assistant, I specialize in simplifying your tech woes and enhancing your brand.


My mission is to help you focus on what you do best – serving your clients and expanding your services. Imagine handing off all your technology frustrations and getting back to your true passion. That means that I handle the web development, email and CRM, organized calendars, professional video editing, and so much more – it’s all within reach!


I bring a unique blend of skills and energy to the table. I offer a sanctuary of nurturing and empowering energy for passionate and spiritually inclined women to stay digitally organized without the overwhelm. Your sacred journey to bring your vision to life is honored here. Let me be your guide through the realm of technology, seamlessly weaving the digital threads needed to translate your vision into the tangible and practical steps required to transform it into reality. Trust in the flow of our collaboration, knowing that your tech needs are professionally managed and cared for.


Navigating technology can be daunting, but I’m here to bring clarity and efficiency to your business processes, nurture your clients, and create a brand that shines. Let’s harness the power of technology without the headaches. Together, we’ll transform your business, so you can focus on what you love most – making an impact, growing your services, and achieving your dreams. Let’s make it happen!



When we work together, I don’t just do work for you. I appreciate that you’ve trusted me with a business that’s deeply personal to you and close to your heart. That’s why I work to maintain 5 values in our business relationship.


I prioritize understanding you, your business, and your unique needs to enhance our collaboration and autonomy.


Effective communication is the foundation of our partnership, essential for successful projects, especially under pressure.


I create a safe space for open and honest communication, ensuring mutual respect and appreciation.


Trust is continually nurtured through consistent performance and exceeding your expectations.


I promote a supportive and accountable environment within every team, fostering win-win-win outcomes.


My experience in IT as a project manager taught me how to implement and troubleshoot the technology that supports business processes. It was exciting to bring businesses to life and troubleshoot problems that could bring a business to its knees.
But I could also see that I wanted more. I wanted to work on my own time with passionate clients who appreciated me. I was also frustrated that the business world was so male-dominated. I knew that there were women out there who wanted to bring their businesses to life and empower themselves.
I decided to leverage my tactical and energetic strengths to empower female business owners. I create a frictionless experience with the technology they need to grow their businesses and serve their clients.
I help passionate female entrepreneurs flesh out their launch plans, nurturing sequences and business processes and implement the technology required to make them a reality without the headache.
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I am excited to discover more about you & your story.