Coordinating for Great Sunset Pictures

Getting great sunset pictures can require more coordination than you might imagine. You’ll need to coordinate with the venue and photographers and keep an eye on the timeline. These will be weather dependent as well. Below, I break down the kind of coordination you’ll need to get those sunset pictures so you have a better idea of how to incorporate them into your day if they’re important to you!

Make sure the venue you’ve chosen supports sunset pictures

If sunset pictures are important to you, be sure to ask about them when you tour the venue. Look through samples of past weddings at the venue with great sunset pictures, and ask where these images were taken. With some venues, getting access to the part of the venue that is a great location for these pictures may require you to purchase a more expensive wedding package. Is there a specific location at the venue you would want as a backdrop? Which direction is that facing, and it is feasible to use that for the sunset picture?

Make sure your timeline supports sunset pictures

Is there enough time to get those sunset pictures? Sometimes, you’ll create the timeline intending for sunset pictures, but an event earlier in the day will eat up time intended for those pictures. If that is the case, you’ll need to shift the timeline around and coordinate quickly with your vendors to accommodate the changes and still get sunset pictures.

Make sure you have enough energy for sunset pictures

Is there enough energy to get those sunset pictures? Look at your timeline with respect to the energy you’ll need to spend for each event. Because sunset pictures are towards the end of the day, generally during the reception, you might start out intending to take them, but you might be too tired to take them when the time actually arrives. I’ve worked with multiple couples who have had this experience. Keep gauging you energy levels. If sunset pictures are really important to you, coordinate with your vendors before the day and during the day to make sure you maintain your energy. In addition, see if you can find ways for the wedding day itself to boost your energy. That way, you’ll be able to regenerate your energy and have the energy you need at the end of the day.

Determine your priorities

Sunset pictures might be important to you, but family might be more important. First Look pictures or family pictures might be more important. You might allow these to take more time or energy earlier in the day. Getting sunset pictures often means removing yourself from cocktail hour or the reception to get those incredible pictures in the golden light. How much do you value those? Many couples I’ve worked with value family time during the occasion far more than they value those pictures!

Communicate with your photographer what kind of sunset pictures you want

Look through your photographer’s work. How have they taken and edited sunset pictures? Is that something you like? If those are the only part of their portfolio you don’t like, ask them if they would be willing to change how they work with sunset pictures. Make sure you have a Pinterest board for them to get a better idea of your preferred style.


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