Simple Poses for Elegant Pictures

A lot of times, you want poses you can quickly pull off that look elegant without much training or practice. For that purpose, I’ve developed a series of simple poses derived from sports. They’re pretty easy to follow, because they reference movements and poses that most of us are very familiar with already! We’ll be using these poses in the future so you can look and feel like a Pinterest board star, so make note of these right now.

Ballerina Pose

Left hand/arm: Bring the left elbow up next to the head and the left hand above the head. Let the wrist drop so your fingers are curved and hanging towards the top of the head. Now bring your elbow closer to your head so the left fingers drop down to the other side of your head.
Right hand/arm: Bring the right hand up near the left shoulder with an open palm so the right hand reaches towards the left shoulder, the right palm is facing the face, and the right fingers curve towards the face. This is slightly different from the picture below, where the right palm is facing the chest rather than the face and is not as close to the shoulder as it should be.

The negative space between the hands adds artistic tension to the picture. The hanging hand creates the main shape and provides depth to the picture. The entire pose frames the face elegantly, and energy flows around the frame. As energy flows around the frame, the frame becomes supercharged and emanates an aura to the camera. Allow the head tilt to change. This changes the composition of the picture with respect to the hands.


Pretend you’re shooting the basketball: Bring the right elbow up to approximately shoulder level. Bring the hand up so the elbow is bent 90 degrees and the right palm facing away from you with a curve to the fingers. Bring the left hand across the body so the left thumb and right edge of the left pointer finger are touching the left edge of the right arm right below the wrist. The fingers of the left hand are slightly curved.


Pretend you’re stretching the arrow across your body with the bow and arrow pointed diagonally down and left/right at one hip. One hand will hold the bow and the other hand will hold the arrow.

Have your left elbow come up beside your left shoulder. Have your left fingers touching the left shoulder. Have your right hand on your right hip with fingers curved and the right palm facing away from your body.

The hands are spread apart. This gives the vertical composition a line to follow from the waist to the head. The distance between the hands creates further polarity between them, so the energy in the picture is electrically pulled in both directions. A head tilt adds more spark to the picture, creating a crescendoing curve of energy.

Boxing Pose

Frame your face with your fists: Close your right hand into a fist with your thumb at the side. Put that at the upper right side of your head. Close your left hand into a fist with your thumb at the side. Put that at the lower left side of your head.

The energy of this pose is much more delicate and intimate. The pose attracts attention to the details of your face in flattering ways. The hands frame the face with an artistic asymmetry that causes a pleasant tension between either side of the face.


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