Simple Posture Cues for Better Pictures

Most people don’t think about posture when they’re posing. They think about their hands! However, improving your posture can have a dramatic impact on the way you look in the picture! Standing straighter and taller, with more confidence, will change your energy in the picture. Watch the video below to see posture corrections in action and how they change the picture.

Below are some more technical cues as well as some fun ways to correct your posture so you look amazing in your pictures:

  1. Bring your shoulders back. Hunched shoulders can deflate a picture.
  2. Find the back of your neck where it joins the shoulders. Bring this back and up to elongate the neck. A longer neck brings elegance to the picture.
  3. Tuck your chin down and puff your chest out. Expanding the chest amplifies your confidence in the picture.

These posture cues all work to correct the neck and chest. Now, we’re going to explore some additional fun ways to correct your posture that work quickly and easily!

Superman Pose

Do a Superman pose where your hands are behind your body and your chest is puffed out. This exercise does a really good job of naturally puffing the chest out and bringing the shoulders back.

Pretend a string is pulling the back of your neck up and back

Pretend there’s a string attached to the back your neck where it meets your shoulders. I’m going to pull that up and back. This exercise brings the neck and shoulders back and helps to elongate the neck! It also brings the chest up and out.

A balloon pulls your sternum up

Pretend there’s a balloon pulling your sternum towards the ceiling
This exercise brings the chest up and out.

Duck Pose

Ducks often have their necks very far back. Pretend you’re a duck and are bring the back of the neck very far back. This will obviously not be your neck’s final resting place, but it helps us to master the movement.


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