Top 5 Posing Mistakes

Are you standing in front of your family or with your partner for your wedding pictures and feeling awkward?

I’ve got 5 simple fixes for when you’re taking your pictures, and you’re going to love the results!

Over the course of photographing friends, family, couples, and other clients over the past 10 years in various situations, here are the 5 mistakes I’ve discovered that you can avoid.

1. Avoid sharp angles with the elbow and wrist

These will often ruin an otherwise elegant pose. Sharp angles, unless used artfully, will often use space in ways that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. They often break the energy of the shape we’re trying to create! Notice in the pictures below that that sharp wrist angles do not work at all, but angles of the elbow still often work when artfully done.

2. Avoid Bad Posture

Bad posture will quickly deflate a picture! Notice the difference posture makes in the pictures below. Better posture makes the bride look more confident and increases the aesthetic quality of the picture. To improve posture, bring your neck and shoulders back and puff your chest out.

3. Not Posing Continuously

One of the biggest mistakes I see brides making is that they stop moving in front of the camera. Move your hands and feet slowly to add your own flavor of improvisation to the pose. In the pictures below, notice how the groom strokes his wife’s shoulder in a way that helps build their final expression in the bottom picture!

4. Maintain Rhythm

It’s important to stay positive even if a pose doesn’t come out well or you mess something up. The pose below took several attempts and a lot of laughter to get right. We just stayed open to posing and had fun capturing the perfect moment. Flow is important to getting great luxury wedding pictures!

5. Focus on one aspect of posing at a time.

If you try to focus on too many things, you won’t succeed, and you’ll get frustrated. Download my posing guide below, and pick one pose to practice in front of the mirror today!


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