Feel Like a Pinterest Board Model Without the Work

This is where many of the posing tips and mistakes I’ve been giving you come together! Now that you know what to avoid and what to do, you’ll be on your way to feeling like a Pinterest Board model. Below, we review everything you need for your transformation!

Avoid sharp angles with your wrists and elbows

These will often ruin an otherwise elegant pose. Sharp angles, unless used artfully, will often use space in ways that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. They often break the energy of the shape we’re trying to create! Notice in the pictures below that that sharp wrist angles do not work at all, but angles of the elbow still often work when artfully done.

Avoid bad posture


Bad posture will quickly deflate a picture! Notice the difference posture makes in the pictures below.


Bring your neck and shoulders back and puff your chest out. Do you remember the other postural cues we used?

  1. Superman pose
  2. Pretend there’s a balloon on your sternum
  3. Pretend there’s a string at the back of your neck where it meets your shoulders. I pull the string up and back.

Maintain rhythm

It’s important to stay positive even if a pose doesn’t come out well or you mess something up. The pose below took several attempts and a lot of laughter to get right. We just stayed open to posing and had fun getting into shape. Flow is important to getting great luxury wedding pictures!

Now that we’ve reviewed posture, let’s review poses!

Ballerina Pose

Left hand/arm: Bring the left elbow up next to the head and the left hand above the head. Let the wrist drop so your fingers are curved and hanging towards the top of the head. Now bring your elbow closer to your head so the left fingers drop down to the other side of your head.
Right hand/arm: Bring the right hand up near the left shoulder with an open palm so the right hand reaches towards the left shoulder, the right palm is facing the face, and the right fingers curve towards the face. This is slightly different from the picture below, where the right palm is facing the chest rather than the face and is not as close to the shoulder as it should be.

Basketball Pose

Pretend you’re shooting the basketball: Bring the right elbow up to approximately shoulder level. Bring the hand up so the elbow is bent 90 degrees and the right palm facing away from you with a curve to the fingers. Bring the left hand across the body so the left thumb and right edge of the left pointer finger are touching the left edge of the right arm right below the wrist. The fingers of the left hand are slightly curved.

Archery Pose

Pretend you’re stretching the arrow across your body with the bow and arrow pointed diagonally down and left/right at one hip. One hand will hold the bow and the other hand will hold the arrow.
Have your left elbow come up beside your left shoulder. Have your left fingers touching the left shoulder. Have your right hand on your right hip with fingers curved and the right palm facing away from your body.

Boxing Pose

Frame your face with your fists: Close your right hand into a fist with your thumb at the side. Put that at the upper right side of your head. Close your left hand into a fist with your thumb at the side. Put that at the lower left side of your head.


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