Picture-Perfect Posture: How to Ensure You Have Stunning Wedding Pictures

Hey there, fabulous bride to be!

Ever been in front of the camera, wondering

What do I do with my hands?!


What if I told you that it’s not about your hands?

Or your feet…

Or your elbows…

Or your chin…

Or any of the tiny thousand details you could get up in your head about!


Let me spill a little secret

Posture is an overlooked treasure of fantastic photography. It’s one of the magic ingredients that can transform your entire look. It’s the easiest way to make you look elegant. It’s a game-changer.

Imagine standing taller, straighter, radiating confidence. Imagine feeling luxurious, elegant, and electric—that’s the recipe for picture-perfect photos.

Take a sneak peek into the video below and witness the transformative effects of posture corrections!

Now that you’ve seen the importance of posture, check out these technical tips to ensure you’re rocking your photos:

  1. Shoulders Back: Hunched shoulders? Not on my watch. Bring those shoulders back to life.
  2. Find Your Neck’s Sweet Spot: Locate where your neck meets your shoulders. Bring it back and up, elongating your neck for that touch of elegance.
  3. Chin Down, Chest Out: Tuck that chin and puff that chest. Confidence? Check!

These cues are your ticket to a neck-and-chest transformation.


Let’s make things fun with these quirky yet effective posture exercises:

Superhero Pose

Channel your inner superhero—hands behind your back, chest out. It’s like magic, puffing that chest and pulling those shoulders back.

String Theory

Imagine a string pulling the back of your neck up and back. Voila! Your neck and shoulders are on point, and that chest? It’s up and out!



Balloon Power-Up

Picture a balloon pulling your sternum towards the ceiling. Feel that chest rise with confidence.

When you step into a posture, picture a queen. Picture a CEO owning her business. Picture the posture of your hero. Picture the posture of who you want to be. Now step into that posture. It’s not about your hand or your foot. It’s about you and how who you are is expressed by holding yourself boldly… confidently… sensually… electrically. It’s about you being alive in your skin and in your love story. When you stand tall and elegant beside your partner, the camera sees you.


You’ve got this!


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