Monica and Paul’s Engagement Shoot in Baltimore, MD

Paul and Monica had already tried a free engagement shoot with another photographer, but they didn’t like the poses they did. They had several poses in mind, which they shared. They were looking for someone who could go with their list, bring their own vision, and keep it candid!
Fell’s Point in Baltimore is dear to both of them, so we planned the shoot there.
We began at the pier at Fell’s Point, a naturally photogenic location. At first, we were all a bit stiff as we began to break the ice.
It didn’t take long for us to get in a flow. As I directed, we fell into an easy rhythm. Paul and Monica had a smooth chemistry that came out as we went through multiple poses.
As they posed for pictures, Paul’s goofy side came out, as did his protective energy.
Monica’s calming energy matched him.
We went around the waterfront, staging them in various locations and poses that brought out different sides of their relationship.
Their past experiences with the area brought a flavor to the shoot that complemented their energy and their poses.
It’s great when the couple has ideas they want to try out in addition to my vision. Paul and Monica made several suggestions throughout the shoot that led to some great pictures!
Towards the end, both of them shared a part of each other they really enjoy. Monica really likes the architecture of The Pendry Hotel. Paul is a cigar aficionado, and he lit up towards the end. As they enjoyed the ambience of The Pendry, Paul puffed away merrily.


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