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As a Bride-To-Be…

Do you struggle in front of the camera? Do you feel awkward?
Do you feel like you never know what to do? Like your pictures never come out well?
Do you feel like you just don’t have the time to learn the poses you want for your pictures?

Are you afraid you won’t feel confident in front of the camera on your wedding day?
Are you afraid your friends and family won’t be wowed by your wedding day pictures?

Do you want to celebrate your wedding day with great pictures…but don’t know how to pose in them?
Do you feel like getting great poses on your wedding day will take forever?
Are you holding back on a great photographer because you don’t know how to pose?

If you have a vision for your wedding pictures but feel like you have no choice but to hope for the best…
If you cringe at your pictures on a regular basis…


Then this posing masterclass is for YOU!

What if you could learn what to do

in front of the camera in just a few hours with my

7 step posing process

to feel luxurious, confident, and radiant

in your wedding day pictures?


Photos, Posies and Poses – A Masterclass for Brides to Look Luxurious on Your Big Day

10 Years of Photography Experience at Your Service

At first, I too had difficulty posing couples in front of the camera. Couples would look at me expecting direction. I wanted to get candid pictures of them, so I would rely on them to be themselves and give me their best poses. It worked a little bit, but the method was hit or miss. Sometimes, couples would look good, but I could tell they wanted more…

This was frustrating for me. People have always been satisfied with my photography. I’ve always invested in composition, lighting, and posing to get the picture right for them. I’ve honed my timing to get the candid pictures people love. No matter what the situation has required, I’ve always been able to deliver as a photographer. I knew I could shape the people I was photographing to give them the look they wanted.

I started looking through pictures of great poses, reading great posing material (Picture Perfect Posing by Robert Valenzuela), and trusting my own eye to create better ways to pose couples in front of the camera.

In all my years of photography, one of my strongest areas of expertise has been composing the picture so the scene and landscape look visually appealing. Leading lines, rule of thirds, background, midground, foreground…I’ve analyzed all of these aspects of composition and more so your pictures are visually stunning. Move the camera an inch, and you can completely change the energy of the picture. With posing, I realized that I could bring my expertise to composing the person. That means that I pick up on small details you would never notice so we can transform the way you shape your body into a style that is unique to you and looks luxurious.

Sessions in front of the camera getting my own pictures taken helped the final pieces click. I realized that nobody could see themselves. Sometimes, what we think looks good doesn’t actually look good in the picture. We rely on the photographer to make us look great and avoid mistakes. After sitting for these pictures, I took more ownership of direction.

Great posing requires you to tailor the posing to the person, letting them shine instead of making them pose in a way that doesn’t feel good.

When I saw my vision and my voice delivering results, I knew I needed to share this. I knew I wanted to help more people bring out their best in front of the camera. I’m creating a new posing system. Not only does it help you look great in front of the camera but it makes you feel more confident.


Course Deliverables

Important: This masterclass will cover poses done while standing up. Poses while you’re sitting will be covered in a future class.


7 Step Posing Process that Includes:

Module 1: Posture Correction

Module 2: Shaping Your Legs

Module 3: Making Your Arms and Hands Look Elegant


Bonus 1: 60 Minute 1-1 with me to reinforce the process and poses, practice, and ask questions

Bonus 2: Community of like-minded brides you can lean on

Bonus 3: Post-Masterclass access to a photographer you can trust to answer your wedding questions

Bonus 4: Buy now and lock in a basic wedding package at $3,000

Discover the posing techniques that allowed these couples to SHINE on their wedding day!

Photos, Posies and Poses is only available for a LIMITED TIME at this special rate!

Investment: $500 $50

Photos, Posies, and Poses Money Back Guarantee


I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results if you show up to the masterclass, do the work and take advantage of the 1-1 with me. If you do not feel satisfied, notify me within 30 days of our 1-1, and I will refund your $7 investment.


This masterclass is for action-driven brides who want to get better at posing for luxury wedding pictures. What I don’t want this to be is another piece of info to collect dust on your digital bookshelf.

Photos, Posies and Poses is primed and ready to be enjoyed.

My goal for you is to feel confident and luxurious in front of the camera as you get luxury wedding pictures with this masterclass.

Got Questions? I’ve got answers!

  1. Don’t you need great lighting for luxury pictures? Don’t you need a great background?

    Yes, to get a great picture. But even if we don’t have those, would you agree that looking good in a picture because you know how to pose would make you feel amazing?

    Posing better is a major part of the equation of taking luxury pictures. All you’ll need then is the expert photographer who can compose the picture well!

  2. I don’t have great range of motion or flexibility. Can I still learn this? Can I still look amazing?

    Of course! There are many poses you can learn that will work well with a limited range of motion.

  3. What if I already know a lot of poses? Will this still help me?

    I’ll be covering a lot of wedding poses in this masterclass. I find that reviewing material that you know as I teach the class can work really well to reinforce that. There is also a group work aspect of the class, and you might find it a great place to teach fellow brides and/or network.

  4. I’m horrible at posing. I never understand posing instructions and usually hate the way I look. I’m skeptical this class will help me.

    You’re in the right place! I’m here to work with you until you feel confident in your ability to pose for the camera. The model(s) in the masterclass will give you great feedback and encourage you. Your fellow brides here are also great resources to coach you through the poses 🙂

  5. My Pinterest board has some advanced poses. Will this masterclass be sufficient to teach me those or make me feel confident about them?

    This masterclass will go through some basic poses. If you don’t have much posing experience, going through those is often a great first step to learning more advanced poses. At the minimum, you’ll have more body and spatial awareness, and you’ll learn how to build that. These are key skills to more advanced poses.

  6. Who is going to critique me when you’re not there? Bring your friend for free! You can critique each other 🙂

  7. I don’t have my wedding dress yet. Will this still be useful?

    Of course! We’re going to be going through the masterclass in whatever clothes we want to use.

Photos, Posies and Poses is only available for a LIMITED TIME at this special rate!

Investment: $500 $50

Is Photos, Posies and Poses right for YOU?

Listen, I get it! This all looks great, but while it’s obvious this masterclass can help others reach their goals, you aren’t sure if it’s going to work for you. Let’s break down who will thrive in the masterclass:


This masterclass is NOT for you if:


You want a casual wedding and don’t really care much about the way you look in your pictures

You’re not passionate, driven, curious, and prepared to put effort into the poses

You’re not open to feedback.

You don’t believe you can achieve better wedding pictures.


You’re going to love the masterclass if:


You have a strong wedding vision, and you’re very motivated to make it a reality

You’re willing to invest effort into learning luxurious poses and what not to do in front of the camera

You’re a passionate and curious person, and you’re actively interested in improving your wedding vision and wedding pictures


Maryland Wedding Photographer

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join my masterclass, I encourage you to begin working on your poses for your wedding day right now to get those luxury pictures.

Take it from me, and learn from my mistakes: after I began to work on my posing skills and avoided posing mistakes, the wedding pictures I took became way more luxurious.

Some of you already know this is EXACTLY what you have been looking for to get the luxury wedding pictures you want and feel confident and luxurious in front of the camera.

Invest in your wedding pictures NOW to create the luxury wedding pictures you’ll enjoy for years to come

You know what’s better than me helping you get those luxury pictures of your dreams? Having you right alongside me.


-Arsh Agarwal

PS- Are you ready to learn poses that will bring you from feeling awkward and hesitant in front of the camera to feeling as confident, radiant, and luxurious as a Pinterest board star? Click here to get started TODAY!

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I am excited to discover more about you & your story.