Kaitlyn & David’s Wedding in Baltimore, MD


Kaitlyn and David wanted an intimate and festive celebration. They began at the Baltimore Marriott Hotel.

As David got ready with his groomsmen, he struck a dashing figure. The energy in the room was exciting and jovial as the guys got dressed and ready for the wedding.

David and Kaitlyn didn’t want to do a first look. In fact, David didn’t want to see Kaitlyn until the ceremony, when she walked down the aisle. Instead, they shared their vows privately on the Baltimore waterfront. We made sure David didn’t see her until the ceremony. As David read his vows, Kaitlyn knew she couldn’t wait to be with him.

David and Kaitlyn wanted to celebrate their wedding in a festive and intimate way with Baltimore as a backdrop, because the city is important to them. The ceremony was held at The Winslow Room in Baltimore. The rustic and industrial feel of the building, when combined with the Christmas lights and tablescapes, gave an intimate ambiance to the occasion.

Kaitlyn was nervous and excited as she made final preparations in the bridal suite the building provided.

As Kaitlyn walked in, she was visibly excited to be tying the knot with David. Wedding guests watched eagerly as they exchanged vows.

Dinner and dance were intimate celebrations of their love. Kaitlyn and David had chosen the right venue and vendors to give their guests the ambiance they needed to come alive and celebrate their marriage. Their guests were so happy for them and excited to wish them well in their next chapter of life!


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