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I am looking for ambitious, passionate couples who want intense, dramatic, emotional, breathtaking engagement portraits!

Hi I am Arsh, a DC based luxury wedding photographer.


I do luxury wedding photography to feel my passion, follow my dreams and

lead authentically in a world where it’s easy to be uninspired


You want a photographer who loves the pressure of the day and performs well with it.

A wedding is like a meditation retreat for me. I enter my flow and capture breathtaking moments big and small, for you to enjoy decades later as they walk you through your marriage.

You get pictures rich with the intense emotions and moments of the day, big and small. While there is chaos around you from the day, you can trust that I’ll always be having fun and leading you through the situations of the day.



My goal is to empower ambitious, passionate couples to realize their wedding day visions. I capture raw, powerful emotion to create an intimate portrait of your biggest day that walks you through your marriage.

I believe that great wedding photography means leading you from wedding planning through delivery of the pictures. You want a wedding photographer who builds trust with you and other vendors so you can get the intimate, emotional pictures of your dreams on the actual day.

I’m looking for couples who have great visions for their wedding pictures and who want to work with someone equally invested in bringing that vision to reality.

Why am I doing this?

I believe in nurturing, educating, and leading my community.

I want to help couples and other vendors be successful, and I want us to be able to transform a vision into reality that we can all enjoy.

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I am excited to discover more about you & your story.