Should I Have a First Look?

Whether or not they should have a First Look in the wedding is a question that many couples have. They’re not sure if this will add to the wedding day experience or take away from it. Some want to go the more traditional route and have partners first see each other as they walk down the aisle. Below, I outline the reasons I like to have the First Look in the wedding.

I want to see my partner’s reaction to me

One big misconception is that the First Look keeps you from fully enjoying your partner’s reaction to you. What’s beautiful about the First Look is that you’re often able to see multiple reactions from your partner. When you do the First Look, you’re able to see your partner’s reaction to you as they feast their eyes on you in your wedding day attire. It’s such a beautiful moment that stands apart from the first reaction during the ceremony. The ceremony is a beautiful moment that is shared together with all of your family and friends. You’ll see your partner’s reaction when you walk down the aisle and then as you feel each other about to commit to the person of your dreams as you say your vows. You can hear a pin drop as the officiant walks you through your vows. The air stands still as the audience enjoys the gravity of the moment. The ambiences of these momentous events bring out different expressions and different pictures.

Amazing pictures

The First Look provides some unique and amazing pictures for you to enjoy in the years after your wedding. It’s an intimate, organic, raw, rich, vulnerable and tender moment that just the two of you share. You open that moment up for the cameras to see. Because it’s such an intimate scene, the raw, visceral reactions you evoke from each other create powerful moments that leave you aching when you look at the pictures. As you stop and stare, they transport you back in time, and they leave you breathless.


Doing the First Look makes logistics of the wedding much easier. It becomes possible to do many couples pictures before the ceremony, which leaves you time to mingle for cocktail hour and reception. If you really value spending time with your guests during both of these parts of the day, the First Look helps you fit that time into the schedule. It also becomes possible to do some family pictures before the ceremony, though many of these are done after the ceremony during cocktail hour.

There is also much more coordination required to keep groom from seeing the bride before the wedding. It is, of course, doable, but this adds an extra layer of complication onto the logistics of the day.

Conserving Energy and Guaranteeing Quality

Going through the entire wedding day is stressful, and it requires a lot of energy! Depending on how events are spaced out, doing couples portraits after the ceremony gives you less time to process the ceremony. The photography is often more intense, because you go straight through couples portraits, bridal party portraits, and family portraits with little time to decompress and process. Going through the shots so quickly, you might not get all the pictures you want, and the pictures could be better. Obviously, the photographer will work to ensure that the pictures maintain a certain standard, but quality takes time!

When you’ve just run through this entire series of pictures, do you think you will be motivated to take sunset pictures as well?

Using the entire venue

Doing the First Look also allows you to make better and more complete use of the venue. Think about it: it’s another event during the wedding day which benefits from all of the locations the venue has to offer. Having a great background is often necessary for a great picture, and making full use of all of the backdrops the venue can offer adds to the value of these pictures you’ll be enjoying for a lifetime.


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