Anjelik & Frank’s Wedding at Ship Bottom, NJ

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Angelik and Frank’s Wedding had to be rescheduled several times due to Covid, so when the big day arrived, everyone was very eager to celebrate the day!

We began at the Hotel LBI. The groomsmen had a really fun time getting ready. Frank was goofing around and excited for the day ahead!

The First Look was quite emotional. Frank wasn’t sure about including this in the wedding day. Angelik insisted on it, and they were very glad for it. It was a mesmerizing moment for both of them amidst the backdrop of Covid.

When we got to the ceremony, everyone was seated in anticipation. As the wedding party walked down the aisle and arranged themselves, the excitement in the room was palpable. Angelik was very emotional as she walked in and laid eyes on Frank before she walked down the aisle. She was finally going to get to be with this man she cherished. After they exchanged vows and rings3, they had fun tying a sailor’s knot together to begin their journey.

When we returned to the venue for dinner after cocktail hour, it was to find the scene completely transformed. Candles, lanterns, and leaves gave the room an aura and ambience that felt romantic and celebratory.

The first dance was so incredibly warm. Anjelik and Frank twirled and dipped and went across the dance floor celebrating their union with each other in front of their friends family.

Frank’s mother was so happy he had found the woman of his dreams.

Angelik and Frank went around the room celebrating with their guests, getting advice on their marital journey, and sharing the night with everyone.

Then, when the dance floor opened up, everyone got the chance to celebrate with Anjelik and Frank. It was heartwarming to watch everyone dance and open this new chapter of life with them.


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